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Appalachian Teen Challenge, Inc. is a Christian discipleship training center for males and females age 18 and up, who are having difficulty functioning effectively in society. The facility is not a medical or mental health program, but a residential program for young men and women with life-controlling problems, such as alcohol and/or drug addiction, anger management, etc.

We also provide residential care for girls age 12 to 17 through our sister center, The Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge in Botetourt, Virginia.

Rev. David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and The Switchblade and founder of Teen Challenge, went into the streets of New York City to reach hurting people with a message of hope founded on God’s love. It was not his intention to become involved solely in drug or alcohol treatment, but to provide a place where hurting people could find healing through Christ. Appalachian Teen Challenge, Inc. is continuing his vision in the manner which God directed Him.


Our staff do not profess to be licensed, professional counselors, but people who understand, care, and desire to train others to learn a new way of life. This new way of life has been defined as a personal relationship with, and follower of, Jesus Christ.

Appalachian Teen Challenge considers counseling to be an essential aspect of ministry. Our counselors are engaged solely in spiritual counseling based on their understanding of the Bible, and are not engaged in the practice of psychology, professional counseling, or psychotherapy.


The ministry endeavors to provide quality Christian discipleship training. In doing so, the mature, well-trained staff are governed by strict policies and procedures. A Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and a Teen Challenge National Accreditation Board, in conformity with state and federal laws, govern these policies and procedures. In an effort to ensure integrity and accountability, the ministry is audited annually by an independent auditor, and a certified public accountant reviews all financial transactions each month. As a 501-C-3 not-for-profit organization, the ministry works closely with other community agencies, such as police departments, hospitals, etc. Appalachian Teen Challenge, Inc. is honor accredited by Teen Challenge, USA with headquarters in Springfield, MO.


At Appalachian Teen Challenge, safety is first priority both on and off campus. Our vehicle operators are well-trained and closely monitored to assure that they are driving safely and responsibly. Each operator must display mature, professional driving skills, possess an excellent driving history, and complete a driver’s safety training course as produced and recommended by the National Safety Council before being approved to operate a Teen Challenge vehicle. Operators of buses that carry 15 passengers or more must possess a commercial driver’s license. To further assure safety, our students are closely monitored around the clock.

We are not a center whose residents are uncontrollable and habitually involved in physical or verbal altercations, but a Christian discipleship training center in a peaceful, regimented, well-managed Christian environment. Only those who display a serious desire for change are admitted into and allowed to participate in the program.

Program Content

At the center, students receive extensive training in work skills and social ethics, biblical curriculum, behavior modification, financial management, and academics (G.E.D.). By following a rigorous schedule, students learn to function effectively in a chosen vocation, family relationships, relationships with God and others, and other necessary life skills.

Teen Challenge works because we care.

“Your services have aided many in learning how to lead productive and happy lives, while still others have benefited from your programs on how to avoid serious problems. I share your belief that it is vital that we teach our young people about the importance of adhering to traditional values, the dignity of work, acceptance of personal responsibility, love for one’s neighbor, and respect for the Creator. I commend you,for helping to instill such values and for reminding young people that humility and resolve lead to patience and strength. These virtues, by their nature, build self-worth and dignity. Keep up the good work.”

– President George H. Bush

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