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James Caristo – Director of Admissions 

Applicants are only accepted who, during a rigorous interview with our Director of Admissions, have demonstrated a sincere desire for a complete change of lifestyle. Persons who fail to demonstrate that desire are refused admission into the program. We recognize that some applicants will benefit from professional medical treatment; therefore, in these cases referrals are made to the appropriate professionals.

As a trans denominational ministry, Appalachian Teen Challenge, Inc. does not discriminate when admitting new applicants, regardless of their race, religion, political persuasion, nationality, or otherwise.

The Application Process

  • Interested persons should contact our admissions office at (304) 384-3307 or 384-9074. All admission calls go to extension 303.
  • Once contacted, the Admissions representative conducts an extensive interview to determine if the individual is a candidate for the program.
  • If accepted, the applicant is instructed to receive at minimal a medical physical and provide a completed application, admission bond, and a return bus fare.
  • The applicant is then given an admission date. On this date, he or she is required to sign and complete various liability release forms.

Visitation Forms

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Male Applicants

Admission Forms

Family Visitation Letter
Pastor Visitation

Female Applicants

Admission Forms

Family Visitation Letter
Pastor Visitation

“Not only does Teen Challenge help our young people deal with their substance abuse, but is also gives our kids something to live for—a relationship with God, a healthy self-esteem, and a direction in their lives that finally leads somewhere.”
“ It’s going to take the all-out commitment of concerned citizens like you and me to help turn the tide of drug abuse among our kids, but for Teen Challenge to help we need your help now more than ever. A wise person once said that God’s reward for a job well done is that He always gives us a bigger job to do. We have that bigger job, and with your generosity we’ll help more of America’s youth than ever before.”
“ I sincerely appreciate your efforts to reach and rehabilitate the many young people who have, at present, no hope in life. The ministry and dedication of Teen Challenge deserve the commendation of every citizen.”
– Former President Ronald Reagan