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Our students take classes on life modification and topics of the Bible, such as Forgiveness, Christian Manners and Etiquette, Attitudes, and more. Other studies are provided that will help direct the student’s future career plans such as Basic Computer Skills, Financial Management, Vehicle Maintenance, College and Careers, etc.

Our students are expected to focus, work hard, and study. Their grades on tests and homework will reflect their efforts. Training, in this section, refers to helping the students deal with personal struggles and issues. Students who have not graduated from high school will earn their G.E.D. (on-campus) before they will be able to graduate the Appalachian Teen Challenge program.

Work Skills and Ethics Training

Our work skills and ethics training program teaches the students beneficial work skills and helps them to develop into a responsible and disciplined member of society. Auto maintenance and repair, furniture manufacturing, food preparation, and building maintenance are several of the components used to provide the work skills training.


Students can advance through four levels in the Adult Training program. Level 1 is a controlled and regimented period upon enrollment and lasts a minimum of 90 days. Students receive academic, work skills, emotional, and spiritual training in Levels 2 , 3 & 4. Level 5 is an optional period where the students may receive additional training.


A student is eligible for graduation upon completion of Level 4 and after earning 92 education credits. Graduation ceremonies are held the third Wednesday each month for family and friends to come rejoice with the graduating student. Following graduation, Appalachian Teen Challenge assists the student in returning to society by exploring outside employment opportunities, college enrollment, or other options.


In the unfortunate event that a graduate should relapse, he/she can return to the Training Center to participate in our 3 to 6 month rebound recovery program.